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Offering eye health exams, cataract surgery, LASIK, and other optometry services, schedule an appointment with our eye doctors at Key-Whitman Eye center today.leading doctors at The Eye Experts bring the best eye care, eye exams, LASIK Eye Surgery, eyelid surgery in the Rio Grande Valley Weslaco Brownsville, TX.. iLASIK – No-Stitch Cataract Surgery – Diabetic Laser Treatment – I-stent.Quality refractive eyecare, one eye at a time. The mission of The Laser Eye Center of Lubbock is to provide the best quality refractive eye care using the best quality lasers and equipment and using our trained team of local eye doctors and staff in a compassionate and efficient manner for the best possible results.Cornea Associates of Texas is dedicated to achieving exceptional laser eye surgery results, providing first-rate service, and offering outstanding pre– and post-surgical care to patients at our Plano, Fort Worth, and Dallas, TX, locations.The most commonly performed elective surgery in America, LASIK combines the. the accuracy of the excimer laser and the benefits of lamellar keratoplasty.Individual results will vary. Candidacy determined by an independent doctor located within or adjacent to The LASIK Vision Institute’s (LVI) facility. All procedures performed by an independent surgeon. LASIK is a medical procedure. Talk to your eye doctor and consider both the risks and benefits before having your procedure.Texas Eye and Laser Center is committed to offering the latest surgical and pre-op testing equipment available, not only in the Dallas Fort Worth area but on the market, period. From LASIK eye surgery to cataract surgery, to the treatment of corneal diseases, Texas Eye and laser center offers the most high-tech equipment available.Interpreting the Cost of LASIK in North Texas. There are a variety of North Texas LASIK practices that perform lasik eye surgery. For many patients selecting the appropriate eye doctors can be very frustrating. Why are the prices of LASIK so different from practice to practice?ABOUT BOOTHE EYE CARE & LASIK SURGERY IN DALLAS. With the incredible technological breakthroughs in LASIK vision correction, you have no reason to live restricted by the hassles of glasses or contacts. Get out of your corrective eyewear with the help of the world-renowned Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center in Dallas, Texas.